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Nov 18, 2011 - 2:47pm | Posted In: Business Opportunities

Cross-browser Support Woes: :last-child Pseudo Class in IE

So the world of CSS design continues to change rapidly and the arrival of CSS3 has brought us many new CSS pseudo classes, including :last-child, which selects the last element that is the last child of it's parent element. This is useful when, for example, you're creating a horizontal navigation list and want to add in a separator between them, such as a right border or graphical separator. You don't want an extra border hanging out on the end, so with this you can just tell the last one to have no border.

So you might do something like this, which sets your border on the left of every ul li a and removes it off of the last a in your list.

ul li a { display:block; padding: 0 10px; border-right: 1px solid #fff;}
ul > li:last-child a { border-right:none; }

Anyway, all is well until you check your other browsers and realize that, you guessed it, Internet Explorer (the bane of every front-end web developer), even the beloved IE8, does not support many of the new CSS3 specs and pseudo classes, including :last-child.

However, thankfully, this one is not too hard to work around. Most applications of :last-child can also be done with :first-child, which is supported by IE8. You basically just have to swap sides - so that border we originally added to the right, we add to the left, and then set :first-child to border-left: none;.

ul li a { display:block; padding: 0 10px; border-left: 1px solid #fff; } ul > li:first-child a { border-left: none; }

Feb 25, 2011 - 3:35pm | Posted In: CSS

Leads Nearby Logo for Local Loyalty

Leads Nearby Logo

I had the opportunity recently to develop this logo for a local Internet Marketing firm called Local Loyalty Marketing Solutions. They had an idea for a logo and worked with me to make their concept a reality. We had decided to stick with sans-serif typefaces, and Myriad Pro Condensed (and Condensed Bold) was my first thought, and that's where we landed. I can't thank the developers of Photoshop enough for the Warp Tool, as I used it on almost every piece of the map and map shadows..

Dec 31, 2010 - 5:39pm | Posted In: Work

November Web Specials!

For the month of November ONLY, I'm offering the following web specials! Contact me today for a quote!

Custom Web Site with SITEFLOW - $750:

Are you in need of a custom web site that offers more than a Facebook Page or Blog? Would you like to have a web site that reflects your company's style or a personal site that expresses your personality? A custom designed web site is what you need. Let's face it, built in blog themes can only offer so much to the average user, and often require more knowledge and time for configuration than you have. A SITEFLOW website offers you the power to edit the content of your pages, blog, write news updates, create a list of events, add and display photos and Vimeo videos, and can be managed by an unlimited number of users!

So for the month of November, I'll build your custom web site on my SITEFLOW Content Management System Platform for only $750. This is a $1200-$1500 value, so don't miss it!

Custom Wordpress Blog Site - $400:

Maybe a blog meets your website needs, but the free themes are lame and you want a design that is original and to your liking. So for November 2010, you can get your custom blog site professionally designed for only $400.

Note: The prices listed are available for the month of November 2010 only and do not include hosting and domain fees associated with hosting your own web site.

Oct 30, 2010 - 7:19pm | Posted In: Specials

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