I'm Cameron Lockey, a full-stack developer living in Raleigh.

I am a problem solver. I love breaking down ideas and creating elegant, efficient solutions. I get excited about details. I enjoy learning new tools and languages and want to improve as an engineer. My objectives are also to grow as a leader, to serve my co-workers well, and to help the company that employs me to thrive.

I am an accomplished software engineer with a track record of delivering dependable web applications to a non-trivial user base while maintaining the current codebase and server stack and providing sales and marketing support to a small-but-growing company. At my current post, I've solo managed and expanded all aspects of a product platform from AWS provisioning and deployment automation to client-side SPA development across the company’s multiple brands.

This is me


Senior Developer


November 2019 - Present


November 2017 - November 2019

Contributed to the continuous improvement of the Adwerx platform, a Ruby on Rails app as a full-stack developer.

  • Developed ad layouts and minor features, configured new partners for the Enterprise Listing Framework product.
  • Contributed to the online transition from the original AppNexus API implementation to adoption of the AppNexus Programmable Platform object schema utilizing Augmented Line Items.
  • Implemented a system for tracking IP addresses for the purposes of linking users to a targeting segment that could be used to show targeted ads via IP address matching.
  • Lead a project focusing on updating a Facebook Business integration to be in compliance with new Facebook standards for ad budget management.
  • Designed an implemented an ad automation product pipeline.

Director of Technology

Local Eye Site

May 2014 - November 2017

Developed and supported the platform for localeyesite.com, inpharmacyjobs.com, and risehire.co. Planned and designed architecture and UI/UX, implemented, deployed, and supported all tech assets and feature sets. Managed and provisioned AWS servers with Ansible, deployment solutions with Rocketeer, built backend application in CakePHP including consumption of several 3rd party APIs, and mobile-optimized Bootstrap 3 SPAs with Backbone/Underscore. Redesigned/re-implemented user applications for employers, jobseekers, and internal sales staff. Was instrumental in developing business intelligence efforts leveraging Periscope Data and MySQL.

Web Developer


January 2012 - May 2014

Responsible for defining scope of work and designing/developing solutions for custom web and mobile applications as an iOS developer and full stack web application developer.

Web Developer


January 2010 - December 2012

Web Programmer

Wilmington Design Co.

June 2008 - December 2009

Web Programmer

WordWright Web

August 2007 - March 2008


B.A. Film Studies

UNC Wilmington

2007 - 2009

A.A.S. Web Development

Carteret Community College

2004 - 2007

Recent application development

Below are examples of my most recent web application interfaces for Local Eye Site & Rise Hire.


clockey at adwerx dot com